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Melanie Rae Recoy, a writer for the adoption website Grown in My Heart reviews Someone’s Daughter. She says: “I read Someone’s Daughter in one sitting, sometimes nodding my head in agreement, sometimes surprised that the author had given an old adoptee like me something to think about. All in all, I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a glimpse into the journey and thinking of an adoptee.”

Judy Miller, adoptive parent facilitator of Parenting Your Adopted Child: Tweens, Teens & Beyond, recommends Someone’s Daughter as a resource for adoptive parents who take her classes. Commenting on the book, Judy says: “I found the honesty riveting. I feel your story strongly represents a perspective of the adoptee’s voice.”

Matters of the Heart, a blog for sharing open adoption stories and educating others on the gift open adoption brings to all those involved, has featured Someone’s Daughter.

Kevin Hoffman, a Christian adoptee from and writer based in the United States, interviews Aurette on his blog My Mind on Paper., a web portal for South African parents, has published an extract from Someone’s Daughter: An adult adoptee speaks. Editor Adele Hamilton had this to say about the book: I enjoyed the emotional veracity of it very much, and I feel that this is a topic that gets far too little air.

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