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25 January 2010 – A young woman’s appeal for information on her biological parents highlights the importance of adoptees’ access to their birth records, a right which some states in America continue to deny. Please help Kim find her birth family by signing her petition.
27 November 2009 – Beeld, an South African, Afrikaan newspaper, published this letter from an adoptee. His thoughts and wishes are shared by adoptees all over the world at this time of the year, and on their birthdays. For those who cannot understand Afrikaans, here is a translation of the letter:

My Christmas Wish: My Biological Mother

Here we are on the eve of another Christmas. This year is different; nobody is really looking forward to Christmas. Is it the pressures of the economy? Perhaps, but it is more than that.

Christmas is surrounded with artificial sentiments and shopping centres focused solely on making money. This year there are fewer Christmas decorations to hide this plastic world.

This year I remember my youth (the 1960s and early 1970s) – looking forward to that present, and loving, honourable parents who are no longer here.

But I also have disappointments – those honourable parents never told me that I was adopted in 1964. Which prompts the question – where is my biological mother and how does she experience Christmas? Has she forgotten, or does she shed tears every year for the little boy she never celebrated Christmas with, whom she gave away in November that year?

But then there is also thankfulness for a loving upbringing by parents who cared so much and gave every part of themselves to make us happy.

Then comes the realisation that this is actually what Christmas is about. Being together with a family who nourished me, the shiny Christmas tree with presents, the Christmas message of humility about the greatest gift ever given to us, which can take away all heartache and loneliness, and which brings salvation.

I have only one wish for Christmas, cherish that which is lovely, write the true message of Christmas on your hearts, cherish loving parents, children and families and pray for peace in every household in South Africa.

This I pray for and also this year for a biological mother I have never known.

I look back with thankfulness to wonderful parents who made my life so special.

A blessed Christmas to all in South Africa.

My biological mother is Maria Petronella Herbst, born 10 August 1945. From your son, Johan.

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