Cover story


Caitlin and Danielle

So many people have asked me about the photo on the cover of Someone’s Daughter that I decided to share the story behind it.


While writing the book I had in mind the idea of a girl’s face, veiled for the cover – something that would depict the essence of my story – my secret, closed adoption. I toyed with the thought of using a photo of me, but soon discarded it, as it seemed too narcissistic.

Eventually I decided to forget about the cover for a while and concentrate on getting the book written. After all, no book, no cover.

Some time later I came across several photos on my digital camera, taken of my daughter Caitlin. They were black-and-white portraits showing a range of expressions and moods. One in particular caught my attention – her face partially covered by a scarf with only her eyes showing.

But what eyes! Huge, haunting, questioning. Eyes that had a story to tell.

Immediately I knew that this was my cover photograph. Not only was the composition exactly what I had envisaged, but the fact that the subject was my daughter tied in perfectly with the book’s title, making the photo exactly right for the cover.

I asked Caitlin who had taken the photo and was surprised to learn that the photographer was none other than her best friend, a lovely young lady named Danielle Smit.

Danielle was only 15 at the time, but there was no doubt that she had talent. Indeed, she now has her own blog, entitled ‘me you music and polaroids‘, which showcases her photographs and edited art work. It’s worth taking a look at.

And that’s my cover story. Sometimes we need to stop searching for perfect solutions, and wait for them to present themselves to us. Because when they do, they’re extra special.

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