Where is God in adoption?

Adoption is fraught with pain. Anyone touched by it, even to the smallest degree, knows this. But who is responsible for this pain? Is it God? And if so, how can He then be a God of love? Would a truly loving God allow such pain and anguish to be perpetrated on innocent babies and children?

There is a propensity to blame God for the existence of any evil, heartache and unjustices perpetrated. Indeed, any tragedy that befalls the human race is usually attributed God. The fact is, however, that wars, genocide and other evil actions generated by humankind are self-willed and not instigated by God.

God has never put “babies in the wrong bellies”. We as humans perform the act of conception. We are free to act as  irresponsibly as we wish, provided we don’t contravene the laws of our country. Consequently, we should then take responsibility for our actions and the consequences that follow.

The precepts of God’s moral law are found in the Bible, but whether we choose to abide by them is up to us. We can choose to ignore these tenets of morality and “do our own thing”, in which case we have no relationship with God, no promise of peace or blessing, and no prospect of eternal life after death.

Alternatively, we can decide to serve God according to His Word, and receive the blessing of answered prayer during times of trouble or anguish and the assurance that “all things [will] work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

God is not a respector of persons and irrespective of our background or upbringing He desires a relationship with us. Every person on this planet who earnestly seeks God will find Him through His plan of salvation, as found in the Bible.

Nobody is forced to recognise God, let alone love and obey Him. Yet many venture into His domain and express themselves on  His existence, His actions, His motives, His laws and His love without the vaguest idea of who He is, what He stands for and how He interacts with those who love Him and keep His commands.

Despite the emotional turmoils and uncertainties of life, the providence of God manifests itself in the lives of those whose faith does not wane. It also illustrates how God can bring beauty, hope and clarity to an otherwise dismal situation. He does this by fragmenting our grief into manageable parts, enabling us to once again see the light of day, much like He gives us a rainbow after a severe storm.

  1. Most of the things you claim is astonishingly legitimate and that makes me wonder the reason why
    I hadn’t looked at this in this light before. Your article truly did turn the light on for me as far as this particular subject goes. But at this time there is one issue I am not too cozy with so whilst I attempt to reconcile that with the core theme of the issue, allow me observe exactly what all the rest of your readers have to point out.Well done.

    • Avril Giles, (Joyce Helen)
    • April 11th, 2010

    God ? Who is God? It’s all in your minds, you all need some one to blame or praise for what we do, or what happens to us in life. Believe in yourselves, and take peace and calm from the natural life around you.

    When the sun has no warmth in it & the winter winds blow across frosty fields to come and bite at your already cold glowing cheeks…..Stop for a moment & look at the beauty of the leafless trees against the grey sky’s
    Feel refreshed by the bright green leaves of the trees & shrubs as they come into life in April & May. seek out the Bluebells as their nodding heads carpet our woods in the Spring.
    Be amazed by the variety of so many colours nature gives us in the Autumn.
    And please take care of our Flora & Fauna, it all makes for a lovely place for you all to live in.

    I live by three of may favourite sayings….”Always look on the bright side of life”……..”Take time to smell the Roses”……..& last but certainly not least…”Peace & calm”

    I was adopted too, so I do have an idea what it’s all about. it can be an absolute pain. & I have three broken marriages, but there is nothing like the natural world to lift my heart.

    If your unsure about life….Feel the fear, trust in yourself, and do it any way. Xx

  2. Aurette,
    This was a fantastic post! When I first saw the thread I thought…”What? Is she saying that God causes this pain?” But then your words so beautifully defined what so many often do not see: we are what He makes us. I often talk about God in my writings because when I found out I was pregnant, I asked Him for guidance. I prayed so much through my pregnancies for Him to help me do what was right for my children. I asked Him to show me what my purpose was as a mother and how to handle myself if I was to choose adoption for my children. He always answered me and gave me little signs of what His master plan was. Now, 20 years later, His blueprints are very clear: He knew that I was strong enough to handle the pain of letting my heart walk without me, and now, help other women and girls out there who are feeling alone and vunerable in their journey as birth mothers. He made sure that He sent me the perfect families to raise my children and saw to it that in my children’s hearts, He put the seed of love for them to understand that I was truly doing what I knew was best for them.

    Thank you for your delicate insight. Thank you for your open heart. Thank you for sharing these thoughts with all of us out here. You are one exceptional woman! God Bless you my beautiful friend.

    • Donna Barnes
    • April 8th, 2010

    I wish you had a link to share on FaceBook
    Donna Barnes~ founder of birthmothers USA

    • I do. It’s at http://www.facebook.com/#!/aurette.bowes?ref=profile. Please befriend me!

        • Laura C
        • April 11th, 2010

        I love your thought on God and Adoption. I know that many think about the spiritual aspect of adoption and what the bible says and so forth. There is not alot about the pain and loss of adoption and how it can affect views on God and mankind. I will find away to retain this post for future reference becuase it is so important to consider trust in God needed to feel asured that children are being cared for and loved in their adoptive families. Thanks so much for your post.

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