A world of new friends

Ever since I first learned of my adoption about eight years ago I have wanted to connect with other members of the triad, especially adoptees, to share experiences and emotions.

I never dreamed that the publication of Someone’s Daughter would provide the answer to my prayers. God’s ways are indeed perfect. Undoubtedly, the Internet has played an integral role, especially social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and this blog. I also recently discovered a social network specifically for those touched by adoption – Adoption Voices – which I have also joined.

Since publishing Someone’s Daughter I have connected with so many from various parts of the world who can relate to my experience. The first was a birth-mother, who is also a self-published author like me. Interestingly, she chose to tell her story in a children’s book, in which she explains why she chose to give up her children for adoption. A book such as this would make a beautiful gift from an adoptive mother to her young child, who is perhaps just starting to ask questions about his or her adoption.

I have also connected with many adoptees, which has been wonderful. Like any other traumatic event, adoption can only be truly understood by those with personal experience, and being able to correspond with others who have “also been there”  has been so healing for me. I feel truly blessed and am so very, very thankful.

  1. Hello Tracy,
    Thanks for your query. The book is called The Best For You, by Kelsey Stewart. There’s a link to it under Adoption must-reads on my blog.

    • Tracy
    • February 12th, 2010

    Please give us details of the children’s book you talk about. I would be interested to get it for my young children who are both adopted.

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